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Robert F. Martin, Richard Dyton & Greg Coverdale Deliver GOP Weekly Message

In this week’s Republican Weekly Response, three Wilmington candidates for office running as Republicans discuss the issues Wilmington faces.

Martin: Hi. My name’s Robert F. Martin, from the 2nd Senatorial District.

Dyton: I’m Richard Drayton, from the 2nd Legislative District

Greg: And I’m Greg Coverdale, from the 16th Legislative District.

Martin: As longtime Wilmington residents and as citizens of the state of Delaware, we’ve been paying attention to public affairs for a long time. And with the 2014 elections coming, it’s become increasingly clear to us that some big changes are needed if we’re going to once again make our city safe and competitive.

Dyton: For over twenty years, the Democratic Party has relied on city residents and the Wilmington African American community for support. We’ve seen the results of that one party rule here in our city—rocketing crime rates, lagging schools, and an economy that just isn’t working for the people.

Coverdale: We’ve been told time and time again by the Democrats that our voices are being heard; that our votes matter; that we’re part of the coalition for change in Delaware. The fact is that the only change we’ve seen has been for the worse. It’s clear that one party Democratic rule has produced unacceptable results, and the people of our city deserve better.

Martin: We need real solutions for change and balanced government if we’re going to get the city of Wilmington and the state of Delaware back on track. And it’s clear to us that the sending the same folks back to Dover is just going to produce the same unacceptable results we’ve seen from the Democratic super majority.

Dyton: It’s time we send a message to Dover that our voices will be heard, and that the residents of our city will not sit idly by and follow blindly while the career politicians in the legislature enact harmful policies and ignore our community’s issues .

Coverdale: That’s why we’re announcing our intentions to run for the state legislature as Republicans in our respective districts. Real change starts from the outside, and we’re ready to lead Wilmington out of negligent one party rule and back to prosperity.



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Written by WGMD News