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More Injured in Recent Scooter Accidents

As the popularity of scooters and mopeds increases at the shore, so do the accidents. Three more people were injured this past week in town as a result.

More Injured in Recent Scooter Accidents

Rehoboth Beach police ended up arresting the driver of this motor scooter after he and his passenger sideswiped the Ford SUV, busted its taillight and wrecked the bike. Both men declined an ambulance ride to Beebe Hospital despite their cuts. The driver was suspected of being under the influence. It happened near the south end of the boardwalk on Prospect Street around 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Lt. William Sullivan, Rehoboth Beach police spokesman, says the scooter driver was charged with DUI, No License in Possession and No Registration in Possession. He was taken to Beebe Hospital for a blood draw.

Earlier Tuesday, around 11:30 a.m., a scooter was involved in a low-speed collision with a Lincoln in the traffic circle on Rehoboth Avenue. The 55-year-old male scooter driver was taken to Beebe Hospital with shoulder pain and a suspected collarbone injury. Lt. Sullivan said the woman driving the car was charged with Failure to Yield.

Around 1 a.m. Friday, a 40-year-old woman driving a scooter in West Ocean City was unconscious after a crash on Stephen Decatur Highway at Airport Road. She regained consciousness and was talking to paramedics prior to being loaded on a state police helicopter for the flight to a trauma center.

With regard to the moped/scooter accidents, Lt. Sullivan says “it appears that there are more and more people operating scooters as they are an economical way to get around. Naturally with more and more scooters, the potential for accidents with these vehicles increases. The unfortunate side to operating a scooter or moped is that you have to be especially careful because you do not have any protection if you are in an accident. We always encourage the use of helmets when operating mopeds or scooters so that if you are in an accident you at least have some sort of protection for your head. Consuming alcohol and operating any vehicle makes for a very dangerous mix, especially when operating something on two wheels.”



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Alan Henney

Written by Alan Henney

Alan Henney is a lifelong Rehoboth Beach seasonal visitor although born and raised in Washington, D.C. He worked several years in D.C. TV news and has been writing the “Rehoboth Weekend Update” for more than 15 years. He earned a BA in journalism with honors and an MBA in computer info systems, both from George Washington Univ. He is also a diehard radio geek. If you have a news story or question, please e-mail him at