Mike Bradley

mike bradley

Mike Bradley is the busiest man in radio – between his 5-9am shift, broadcasts on the road and his sports commitments, Mike is always dashing off to somewhere. Mike is originally from Baltimore, however he now resides in Ocean City where he spent many a summer as a kid at his family condo. Mike loves the beach and is a sports nut both playing and watching. Ravens, O’s, Terps, Caps, University of Michigan and the Lakers are his teams. He also loves history especially local history. Bradley stays plenty busy with the Ravens Rap Show he hosts on Comcast Beach TV, his sports program on weekends in Baltimore and High School Football program on Friday nights during the season and DJing weddings and at bars. Bradley graduated from Loyola College in Baltimore with a Finance degree where he worked for three years before taking a full time job in 2005 at a music station in Georgetown where he worked for five years. He spent a year and a half working in music radio in Easton before coming to WGMD in late August of 2012. Mike loves having fun on the air, where he can inform, entertain and keep things a little lighter. You can listen to him Monday-Friday 5-9am.

Jake Smith

Jake Ray Knight 5

Jake Smith joins Mike Bradley – mornings on WGMD. He has worked in radio and television for over 30 years. In addition to working at WGMD, Jake is a successful business owner, husband and father. He began his career at WGMD last February hosting “Your Sunday Morning” and has been co-hosting and producing the popular “Delmarva Potting Shed” with Valery Cordrey of East Coast Garden Center since May of last year. “Delmarva Potting Shed” airs Saturday’s at 9am. Jake was born and raised in New York – but he is all DELMARVA!

Jim Rash


Jim Rash – one of the new kids on the block at WGMD and works Monday through Friday from 9 to noon and join him on the road Wednesdays from 9 to noon at Atlantic Cellular

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I’ve got to tell you, knowing what to include here reminds me of the line in Bob Seger’s Against the Wind, “what to leave in, what to leave out.” So, I’ll cover some personal and some professional information.

I’m from Harrington. It was a great place to grow up…Boy Scouts, MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship), Little League, high school sports. My grandfather owned the pool hall so I spent a lot of time learning bad habits (being careful not to exercise them under his watchful eye). I graduated high school in 1967, worked at the DuPont nylon plant in Seaford for a year, then joined the Navy. After Boot Camp in Great Lakes, Illinois, I went to Pensacola, Florida, where I trained as a Communications Technician (CT) and was subsequently stationed in Morocco and on Guam. After my discharge I moved to Dover, went to Delaware State College, then moved to California where I lived for 17 years. I worked in radio in Bakersfield and Fresno. In Bakersfield I worked in Top-40 and AOR (Album Oriented Rock) radio. After deciding I’d rather be rich than famous, I went into radio advertising sales, sales management, and station management. Contemporary Christian Music was my next format (in Fresno) where I also hosted a Sunday evening talk show. I moved back to Delaware in 1991 and married my high school sweetheart. We have two kids and five grandchildren.

In 2008 I was elected State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Delaware. It was during the 2010 election cycle that I met Bill Colley when he interviewed me as the LPD candidate for the U.S. Senate. I’ve since left the Libertarian Party but will always be libertarian.

Now I’m doing what I love…being on-the-air! I’ve been given a unique opportunity to express my libertarian views as they relate to current events which is why I sometimes seem Conservative and sometimes appear to be Liberal. Actually, my political leanings are Classical Liberalism which, according to Wikipedia, “is a political ideology, a branch of liberalism which advocates civil liberties and political freedom with limited government under the rule of law and emphasizes economic freedom.”

Well, that’s about it. I’m not inclined to talk about myself (I guess you’ll be the judge of that!) so I’ve left out my hobbies, the list of Merit Badges, and that whole thing about “long walks on the beach.” You’re welcome!

Doug Beatty


Doug was born in Abingdon, Virginia, and grew up in Kentucky, Southeast D.C., and Northern Virginia. He is the oldest son of Actor Ned Beatty and grew up around show business. Serving in the Navy from 1979 to 1982, Doug has worked as a farmhand, cook, waiter, bartender, taxi driver, electronics technician, computer programmer, and asset protection among other pursuits.

Doug moved to Delaware in 2001 and became politically active in 2011, ran for office in 2012, and has become an equal protection clause activist. in June of 2013 he joined the WGMD staff. Doug enjoys being outdoors, kayaking, fly fishing and and spending time with his family.

Tyler Nixon

tyler nixon

Tyler Nixon is a native Delawarean, attorney, activist and public advocate. Educated at Georgetown University and the University of Virginia School of Law, Nixon is a member of both the State Bar of California and the Delaware Bar. He became politically-involved at a very early age as a volunteer for President Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign and since then has worked for numerous campaigns and political leaders, including as a Pete Dupont for President ’88 New Hampshire Volunteer, a staff assistant to Speaker Newt Gingrich from 1994-95, an aide to Senator Bill Roth in 2000 and a staffer at the 2001 Presidential Transition Team. Nixon also stood as a candidate for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor in 2004, for Delaware State Senate in 2006, and State House in 2008, in which he was nominated by both the Libertarian and Republican parties.

Nixon practiced law in the public interest in Delaware from 2004 to 2011, focusing efforts on exposing the corruption and excesses of government, particularly in the City of Wilmington, in addition to significant pro bono work for impoverished clients, while maintaining a private law practice focused on financial transactions and small business formation. He is a U.S. Army Infantry enlisted veteran, Airborne qualified, with combat theater service in while stationed in the U.S. Army Berlin Brigade, eventually serving as a commander in the Delaware National Guard.

On his off-time, Nixon works on classic cars as a self-taught expert auto mechanic specializing in restoration of 1961-65 Lincoln Continentals, as well as his current project, a 1966 Ford Mustang passed to him by his grandfather at age 16. Generally, if it involves tinkering with machinery, electronics, home improvement or information technology of any kind, Tyler Nixon enjoys tackling the challenge.

WGMD News Team

Dennis Foley

dennis foley

Dennis Foley is WGMD’s News Director and an award-winning journalist with a strong background in radio and digital reporting, web development, and multimedia production.

Dennis is a Long Island native with several youthful years in New Hampshire as well.

Professionally, Dennis has won several Associated Press awards as both a news anchor and as a news director. He also reported live during ABC News Radio’s Edward R. Murrow award-winning coverage of Hurricane Sandy from Long Island.

Dennis’ prior stops have included WRHU-FM (Hempstead/Long Island, NY), New Hampshire Public Radio (Concord, NH), ABC News Radio (New York), WRIV (Riverhead, NY), and KEEL (Shreveport-Bossier, LA). He is excited to join 92.7 WGMD and continue the great legacy the station has as being Delmarva’s news authority!

Feel free to follow Dennis on Twitter: @DennisJFoley

Jon Budler


Jon Budler is WGMD’s afternoon news anchor. From the great state of Nebraska, Jon brings a wealth of news experience and an unbiased perspective on events going on in our backyard and around the world. A UD grad, Jon returned to the state after a successful run on the Lincoln, Nebraska airwaves. He has experience covering state/local news, covering the Huskers in their first two years in the Big Ten, and is an award-winning journalist. Jon is an avid fishing guy and sports fan (Go Phillies, Ravens and Real Madrid!). He lives in Sussex County with his wife and their furry child… a toy fox terrier named Appa.

Follow Jon on Twitter: @NewsDudeJon!

Mari Lou

I’m Mari Lou, WGMD’s weekend news anchor and reporter. I’ve been in radio since 1978. I needed a second activity in college and the radio station sounded interesting. Little did I know a career was being born!

I joined WGMD in 1999 after a year and a half at Eagle 97.7 doing news and 16 years at OC 104 playing music.