Northbeach crowds well behaved with stepped-up police presence

Police from multiple law enforcement agencies were on hand early Wednesday during closing time at Dewey’s Northbeach. Increased police presence at Northbeach on Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings is expected to continue for as long as necessary.

Northbeach crowds well behaved with stepped-up police presence

Police report minimal problems this morning when Dewey’s Northbeach closed as officers from several police agencies were on hand.

Tuesday night is the bar’s One Dollar drink special which attracts larger crowds.  Last week, some of the patrons got out of control and started several fights, forcing police to call for assistance from other agencies.

Sgt. Clifford Dempsey, Dewey Beach PD spokesman, reported a few minor altercations but the crowd was much better behaved than last week.

For the first time, a bar patron said customers were “wanded” at the door for weapons using a handheld security metal detector. Sgt. Dempsey would not speculate on why Northbeach management made that decision.

Another patron complained that many drivers were turned away from parking in the Northbeach/Ivy lot, as if to further disperse crowds.

Sgt. Dempsey said multiple law enforcement agencies were on hand, including the state police, Delaware Alcohol and Tobacco Enforcement (DATE) and the Governor’s Task Force.  For security reasons, he would not say how many officers participated.

Sgt. Dempsey said one man who used a fake ID in an attempt to enter Northbeach was arrested by DATE for outstanding warrants. The only other arrest during bar closing time happened on Buena St.

There were no reported injuries or significant incidents and police at outer hotspots, such as the Rehoboth and Lewes Wawa stores, reported no problems.

As for next week, Sgt. Dempsey said the stepped-up police presence would continue for as long as necessary. He did say as the summer family crowds start to arrive, there will be less street parking available which may translate into smaller crowds for the bars.



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Alan Henney

Written by Alan Henney

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