Mike & Jake in the Morning

Jake Smith

Jake Smith joins Mike Bradley – mornings on WGMD. He has worked in radio and television for over 30 years. In addition to working at WGMD, Jake is a successful business owner, husband and father. He began his career at WGMD last February hosting “Your Sunday Morning” and has been co-hosting and producing the popular “Delmarva Potting Shed” with Valery Cordrey of East Coast Garden Center since May of last year. “Delmarva Potting Shed” airs Saturday’s at 9am. Jake was born and raised in New York – but he is all DELMARVA!

Mike and Jake

Mike Bradley

Mike Bradley is the busiest man in radio – between his 5-9am shift, broadcasts on the road and his sports commitments, Mike is always dashing off to somewhere. Mike is originally from Baltimore, however he now resides in Ocean City where he spent many a summer as a kid at his family condo. Mike loves the beach and is a sports nut both playing and watching. Ravens, O’s, Terps, Caps, University of Michigan and the Lakers are his teams. He also loves history especially local history. Bradley stays plenty busy with the Ravens Rap Show he hosts on Comcast Beach TV, his sports program on weekends in Baltimore and High School Football program on Friday nights during the season and DJing weddings and at bars. Bradley graduated from Loyola College in Baltimore with a Finance degree where he worked for three years before taking a full time job in 2005 at a music station in Georgetown where he worked for five years. He spent a year and a half working in music radio in Easton before coming to WGMD in late August of 2012. Mike loves having fun on the air, where he can inform, entertain and keep things a little lighter. You can listen to him Monday-Friday 5-9am.