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Living In Fear Is Unacceptable – GOP Weekly Response

State Senator Colin Bonini delivers weekly GOP address.

Hi, I’m Senator Colin Bonini.

These are frightening times for residents in Delaware’s two largest cities.

We’ve seen the headlines, and heard the news coming out of Wilmington and Dover in recent days of homicides, violent crimes, man-hunts and candlelight vigils.

Earlier this week in Dover, just a couple of blocks from where I sit here in my Legislative Hall office, Wesley College and other nearby schools and offices were locked down as police searched for a suspect in yet another shooting.

All of this in the same tense neighborhood that has seen four shootings in as many days – two of them fatal. That’s already three murders this year in a city that had just one the two previous years.

And they’re also ahead of the pace of the last two years in Wilmington, which now has 18 homicides.

It’s not hyperbole to say that many people right now in Dover and Wilmington are afraid.

They’re also angry.

Last month in Wilmington, hundreds of concerned residents showed up at a city violence forum, many questioning how the city is dealing with its endless crime problem.

Authorities in many of our municipalities will tell you they lack resources and manpower. That’s inexcusable. The governor and the majority party here in Dover need to ensure police forces throughout the state get the money they need to keep their neighborhoods safe. We’ve got the money, this state is not poor. We’ve just got a habit of spending it on the wrong things.

We also need laws that are tougher on violent criminals. Not more lenient, like one such bill approved this year by Senate Democrats that could result in violent felons getting reduced sentences.

Residents living in fear in any Delaware community is unacceptable. It should be state government’s top priority to make sure its residents are safe. Thank you.



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Written by WGMD News