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Joan Deaver’s Motel 6 Has Special Offer During Sussex Country Music Fest

Joan Deaver’s Motel 6 has a deal that will make all sides on the country music fest debate very happy.

joan deavers motel 6

Here is Councilwoman Joan Deaver’s idea for those who don’t like Alex Pires’ proposed country music festival:



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Jake Smith

Written by Jake Smith

Jake Smith joins Mike Bradley – mornings on WGMD. He has worked in radio and television for over 30 years. In addition to working at WGMD, Jake is a successful business owner, husband and father. He began his career at WGMD last February hosting “Your Sunday Morning” and has been co-hosting and producing the popular “Delmarva Potting Shed” with Valery Cordrey of East Coast Garden Center since May of last year. "Delmarva Potting Shed" airs Saturday's at 9am. Jake was born and raised in New York – but he is all DELMARVA!