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GOP Weekly Message: Let’s Cut The Red Tape, And Then Let’s Cut Ribbons

Delaware State Senator Gerald Hocker discusses the First State’s business friendliness in this week’s Republican Weekly Response.

Hi, I’m Senator Gerald Hocker.

43 years ago, right here in Ocean View, my wife, Emily, and I opened our first grocery store with five employees. Over the decades we grew consistently, eventually opening five businesses and employing more than 200 people.

But if I had to do it all over again today, there is no way I could even think about starting a business in a state that has devolved so quickly from business “friendly” to business “UN-friendly.”

The biggest reason for this is regulations. In Delaware there are simply too many of them. Bottom line, they kill jobs.

We need to do a better job reducing the burden of regulations on Delaware businesses, something an executive order signed last year by Governor Markell did not accomplish.

But there is hope. Also last year, I introduced Senate Bill 74, a bill that will result in more transparency, more oversight, and fewer regulations. Despite bi-partisan support, it has been stuck in a Senate Committee.

Heading into the next legislative session, my goal is to get this bill the fair consideration it deserves.

My hope is that more entrepreneurs, like me many years ago, can open a business here in Delaware and dream big.

In states across the country, small-business growth is fueling economic recovery. That can’t happen in Delaware until we completely re-evaluate our burdensome regulatory structure.

Let’s cut the red tape, and then let’s cut ribbons – in front of new businesses all over Delaware. Thank you.



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Written by WGMD News