Sen. Carper Co-Hosting Roundtable Discussion About Better Management of Federal Government Property

Dec 04, 2013 -- 8:05am

Senator Tom Carper and a Republican Representative will host a roundtable discussion about the management of federal property today.

Senator Carper, the Chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, will be joined by Republican Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah for a host a roundtable discussion called “Federal Real Property Management: Applying New Strategies to Address the Real Estate Challenges of Today.” According to Senator Carper’s committee, the federal government is the nation’s largest property owner and energy user. However, it’s failed to effectively manage its assets, and agencies tend to hold on to property they longer need, costing taxpayers millions of dollars each year in maintenance and security costs.

Today’s hearing will begin at 3 this afternoon in the Capitol Visitors Center.

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