5 Sussex County Hunters Charged After Investigation Into Illegal Hunting

Nov 28, 2013 -- 7:59am

Five hunters from Sussex County have been charged following an investigation into illegal hunting by DNREC Fish and Wildlife agents.

28-year-old Jerry Miller, Jr., 26-year-old Terry Toomey and 56-year-old Simon Hicks of Laurel, and 28-year-old Michael Hyson, Jr. of Frankford have all been arrested and charged with a variety of hunting violations, ranging from carrying a loaded weapon in a vehicle to possession of a firearm by a prohibited person to failing to wear hunter orange to failing to tag and check antlered deer, as well using using a firearm to hunt deer during archery season. A fifth unidentified person was also arrested, and has been charged with carrying a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle, failure to wear hunter orange, and hunting without a license.

All five men were arrested between November 18 and November 25. Their fines ranged between $296 and $42,300. Miller, Hyson and Toomey will all have to appear in court at later dates.

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