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Nov 15, 2013 -- 2:42pm



Guilty Pleasures:
   --No winner in Tuesday night's drawing for the Mega Millions Lottery. That means tonight's drawing is valued at $149 million ($80 million cash value). Mega Millions is played in 42 states and Washington DC. Chances of winning the big prize are 1 in 175.7 million.

   --No winner in Wednesday night's drawing for the Powerball Lottery. That means Saturday night's drawing is valued at $130 million ($73.5 million cash value). Powerball is played in 44 states, Washington, DC and the U-S Virgin Islands. Chances of winning the grand prize (all five numbers plus the powerball) are 1 in 175.2 million.

Movies opening this weekend (Nov 15): 
Insiders believe "Thor: The Dark World" will top this weekend's box office for a second week.
   There's really just one movie opening in wide release: "The Best Man Holiday," a sequel to 1999's "The Best Man." The new one also stars TAYE DIGGS (from "Private Practice"), NIA LONG ("Soul Food"), MORRIS CHESTNUT ("Kick-Ass 2"), HAROLD PERRINEAU ("Zero Dark Thirty"), TERRENCE HOWARD ("Hustle & Flow"), SANAA LATHAN ("Contagion"), and others.
   As noted below, "Nebraska" is in four theatres in NYC and LA, while "The Book Thief" is in just 32 theatres.
   Next week --look out, it’s "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

   --"The Best Man Holiday," (Comedy, wide release, rated R), starring MORRIS CHESTNUT, TAYE DIGGS, REGINA HALL, TERRENCE HOWARD, SANAA LATHAN, NIA LONG. A group of friends gets together for a reunion.

   --"The Book Thief," (Drama, NY & LA only, rated PG-13), starring GEOFFREY RUSH, EMILY WATSON. Based on the bestselling book.

   --"Nebraska," (Drama, limited release, rated R), starring BRUCE DERN as a guy who gets a sweepstakes letter and takes off across country with his son, WILL FORTE, to claim the prize. With STACY KEACH, JUNE SQUIBB, BOB ODENKIRK.

NFL attendance dropping:
There's a funny thing happening on the way to any given Sunday in the NFL: Fewer people are attending games.
   This was a problem commented getting notice last year and the trend has only continued this season. Attendance has been dropping since 2007.
   Maybe it's a combination of things: mediocre teams, rising ticket prices, the cozy comforts of home where the beer doesn't cost $8 bucks a pop, but whatever the reason, in today's NFL, sellouts are still the norm but full houses are becoming the exception.
   Doesn't matter if it's a cold weather site, indoor or outdoor, large market or small. Teams like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Oakland, Jacksonville and elsewhere are all seeing patches of empty seats in the stands. The Washington Redskins? Big city. Rising star in quarterback ROBERT GRIFFIN III. On average, 10-12 percent of ticket buyers have stayed home this season. The New York Jets are in the nation’s largest metro but only 93 percent of ticket buyers have been showing up. In Jacksonville, 10 percent stay home. Tickets for this Sunday's game against the Arizona Cardinals are going for as low as $8 on StubHub.

   It's not true for every franchise. Teams like Dallas and old guard franchises like Green Bay, Chicago and Philadelphia continue to draw at 100 percent capacity, as are clubs having big seasons, like Seattle and Denver.
   Part of the problem may be Personal Seat Licensing, which required fans plunk down thousands just for the right to buy tickets. That priced some longtime season ticket holders out of the market. Hasn't help that the economy got hammered by a recession. Fans haven't yet seemed to recover enough to pony up a significant financial commitment to get in the door when a big screen in the living room is plenty inviting and way cheaper.
   One fan commented on a sports website: "The consequences of 50 inch HD TVs, more television access (Direct TV package), and a better overall viewing experience. Why bother waiting in traffic, paying $10 for a beer, and potentially getting beat-up if your team is visiting when you can just stay home with some friends and have a better time? I'm sure this trend isn’t strictly with the NFL and affects MLB, NBA, NHL, and other sports as well."

Interesting Link concerning the loss of jobs in the U.S. and how to get them back:


-I am not sure though that anything is soley made in one country with the global economy. I am all for returning jobs to the country but I also want it to be costt effective and quality although for me quality comes first.

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