Typical Tax the Rich Propaganda in MD

Nov 13, 2013 -- 12:39pm

-This is Maryland Democratic Gubernatorial Canidate Heather Mizeur tax plan from her website:

1. Give Marylanders Much Needed Tax Relief

Reinstating a millionaire's tax on the state's top-earners grants well-deserved and overdue tax relief for our middle and working class.


-All this is is a Class Warfare act to punish the rich to pay for lower and middle class taxpayers tax cuts. The left wants to tax achievement and punish those who make more than others. How will this give incentive to individuals to work harder and make more money. Why would sole propeitors want to expand their business and personally drive to drive up their own personal income. This socialist, the rich pay their fair share bunk is just that a bunch of bunk. By the way can a liberla please tell me where it is written about the rich paying their fair share and while they are at how much is a "fair share". Just for some background I did not grow up rich nor am I rich, I did not grow up comfortable either. I still don't buy this agenda of robbing the rich to pay for the poor. I have neve held a job that was given to me by a poor person, have you?

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