Republicans and Teats on a Boar Hog

Oct 30, 2013 -- 12:53pm

My state’s Republican establishment fears prayer.  True story!  The vice chairwoman of our state party attends my church.  For a brief period during spring she was acting Chair of the Delaware GOP when the previous chairman resigned.  At a statewide meeting she opened the evening with a summons for prayer.  Many in the room began looking at each other as if they were hearing a foreign language.  She did ask them in English, albeit.  The woman is a native of Chile and a corollary will follow. 

The call to prayer was a tense one.  As the words began she explained many in the room were hopelessly lost.  During her brief time running the party she also appointed a chaplain.  A woman of color with a doctoral degree as well as being a preacher was given the nod.  When a new chairman was eventually elected he insisted the chaplain only represented one county in the state and there weren’t any longer needs for prayers at the state level.  Are there Republicans afraid they’ll melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz if someone mentions God? 

The new state chairman made an appearance on our radio station some weeks ago.  He explained he would unite the party on areas of agreement.  A pro-business agenda (he’s a du Pont descendent) and arguments for lower taxes and regulations.  Since his silver-spoon friends and relatives aren’t interested in how they’ll someday answer the Almighty the party won’t address social issues!  In other words, just because it may be of importance for you it’s not for them and therefore doesn’t matter. 

The empire strikes back.  These are the same people angry they lost control of the party in 2010.  When they regained control last year they dredged up some warmed over second-string liberals and ran them for public office.  The vote totals were far worse than 2010, although.  The new chair believes candidates getting only a quarter of all votes cast statewide are more attractive to minorities.  When his whining blue-blood friends refused to support the 2010 slate it garnered more than 4 of every ten votes cast.  You do the math!  It reminds me of a story I once heard about the sporting enthusiast Charles O. Finley.  He was granted an NHL franchise in predominantly black Oakland and promptly drove it into the ground.  One of his peers was disgusted by Finley’s minority outreach, telling a reporter, “He thinks outreach is dropping off a truckload of watermelons at an all-black high school!”  Finley’s fellow owners thought him incredibly clueless about neighborhoods where he never, ever visited. 

Nellie is the name of our Chilean born Vice-Chairwoman of the Delaware Republican Party.  She’s fluent in Spanish for obvious reasons and as a woman is also even in 2013 in a rare position of influence.  Now the party plans to hire a Spanish speaking director of Latino Outreach.  Nellie wasn’t considered.  She would’ve done the job as a volunteer. 

Here’s a little Spanish invention on my part:  El Creepo!  It very well describes the out-of-touch and narrow minded chaff now in control of the party’s destiny.  Their interests come first.  The rank-and-file are second.  If the two don’t match then your interests are irrelevant.  They’ll wave a picture of Reagan and often invoke his name and expect you’ll have the usual Pavlovian response.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago there are even folks at the local levels swayed by having their bellies rubbed. 

And the Grand Old Party is as useless at teats on a boar hog.  

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