The Press and Pope Obama

Oct 28, 2013 -- 12:41pm

While contemplating Lollardry and the Albigensian Heresy some mornings before sunrise I still manage some exercise. Silly I planned to sleep later after shifting from morning radio to throwing lightning bolts weekday afternoons. Then I got a dog. I wake at roughly 5:00 o’clock and sometimes earlier. I feed his enemies, the two cats, and then take him for a lengthy walk. Generally for an hour, sometimes more and then we come home for breakfast. I brew coffee and frequently start writing. On Sundays I often consider matters of faith. I studied the above heresies many, many years ago and in the 21st Century most people find them strange controversies and I suspect quite silly and a waste of time. Of course commitments to faith aren’t what they were only 30 years ago.

Media, entertainment and academia are convinced God is a member of America’s Democrat Party. A couple of weeks ago I was pecking away at the keyboard on a lovely Sunday morning and listening to Lon Solomon on the radio. The Pastor of McLean Bible Church was explaining he works out at a Washington area gym where he’s known as “The Chaplain.” Mostly the other exercise enthusiasts stay away from the preacher but one day a man approached. He wanted to come to church because he believed his life needed “religion” and he figured the rules at Mclean Bible would offer structure. Pastor Solomon explained his church didn’t do religion but personal relationships with God. As the conversation unfolded Solomon quoted John 14:6. The man was suddenly appalled. “That’s exclusionary!” he shouted. Herein lays the divide between the traditional and the modern. It isn’t that Christians are looking to establish a theocracy but their Lord is on record saying there are no other alternatives. He has said so. To reject His instruction is to reject God and His kingdom. The Democrats either think he was joshing or misquoted or mean-spirited! If you think being exclusionary is nasty consider God’s wrath against a man named Achan. You don’t put your hands on the Lord’s treasure when you’re spiritually beyond the pale.

So we’ve got a modern media attempting a high wire act. They’ve boiled the message down to being nice to everybody (don’t say Redskins, everyone can marry any object of their desire, seize all firearms and Zoroastrianism is another equal path to salvation.) This is embodied in the Democrat and liberal Pope Barack Hussein Obama I.

This morning before sunrise Sampson was watering shrubs and flushing rabbits and in the distance I could hear an owl hooting. The sky was clear and the stars were twinkling and the air was calm. A welcome relief after yesterday’s chill and gusting winds and I found myself thinking. About my future. About Suzanne’s future. About the future of everyone and everything around me. The people with the largest communication apparatuses are colluding with power. A power so great it could rain fire from the sky. I’m not saying the powerful man has any such intentions but I’m reminded of a story from European history. A fellow called my co-worker, Jim Rash, on-air Thursday and referenced Robespierre. The French revolutionary had good intentions and was opposed to the death penalty as his faction took power. Then the man changed. People didn’t respond as the books written by the great philosophers of his age predicted. When his fellow “citizens” didn’t follow his ideals or perform as he expected he lopped off their heads. A handbill of the time depicts Robespierre guillotining his last surviving countryman. Which tells us the media of his day had discovered resistance and despite sharing many of the leaders beliefs had resumed an adversarial role? Robespierre soon fell and the terror ended.

A couple of weeks ago a young unarmed mother was gunned down by government police in Washington. Her child was just a couple of feet away. The cover story was the woman was just plain bats and a threat to Western Civilization. There were about 48 hours of headlines and then the media resumed its attacks on the Christian Ted Cruz. Obamacare is potentially the greatest domestic policy blunder in American history and there are fingers pointed, although. Mainly at Kathleen Sebelius and not at her master, the man wiling away his nights listening to the intimate conversations of his peers.

The moral relativism settling over much of the Western World has laid us low. The watchdogs can’t tell right-from-wrong. Like my dog chasing a treat they follow the polished rhetoric of a President and wag their pens.

I’m not out in any form to disparage what many other people believe. I just don’t share their worldview. We all made our choices. There is still time for most to alter their approach. Our Western traditions still beckon and offer absolutes. Otherwise we’re just culturally whistling past the graveyard.   

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