Halloween Fright

Oct 23, 2013 -- 5:16pm

My friend, Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle, dropped me a line about his grandchildren's school in Ohio.  This is the e-mail message from his daughter-in-law:


Taken from an email from Ash and Logan's school...am I the only one who believes that they've made the Halloween Party so PC that it's no longer any fun?!

"In regard to costumes, we would like to recommend that you and your child select costumes for our harvest parties that are non-violent. Weapons or extremely bloody costumes are not acceptable for our school parties. Additionally, we are asking that costumes not require the use of hairsprays or hair paints. Ideas for costumes may include cartoon characters, book characters, famous people, community service personnel such as firefighters, police officers, nurses, or other similar costumes. Please remember that the students should be able to dress themselves.

Room parents should speak with the classroom teacher prior to the party to arrange a simple treat and game for the half hour celebration. Teachers will be able to help parent volunteers determine activities appropriate for the age level of the students. Highly active games are discouraged so that classroom management may be maintained. Please do not bring hard candy or balloons for the children because both pose a safety risk."


You be the judge!

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