State Treasurer Flowers Calling For Changes To State Employee Credit Card Program

Oct 05, 2013 -- 7:02am

Delaware State Treasurer Chip Flowers is calling for an overhaul in the program that issues credit cards to state employees.

Flowers’ office released a 21-page report Friday with the results of the State Treasury’s investigation into the misuse of a state-issued credit card by a former Treasury employee. On June 14, Flowers created a special investigative team to look into the alleged misuse of a credit card issued to Erika Benner, who was Deputy State Treasurer from January 2011 to August of this year. The investigative team says Benner made more than $2,300 in non-business-related charged on her state credit card between October 2011 and late February of this year. The report says Benner has reimbursed the state for all those improper charges.

In the report, Flowers is recommending a dozen changes to improve the Treasury’s internal procedures and controls for issuing credit cards to state employees. Some of those recommendations, such as cutting the number of credit cards issued to Treasury employees from 15 to four, and replacing the employees who oversee the credit cards, were implemented earlier this year.

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