The War on Education

Oct 04, 2013 -- 7:09am

Yesterday I got an e-mail from Staci. She's concerned about her niece's education as the result of helping her with her homework. This isn't an isolated incident by any means. I hear so many stories about how poorly our kids are being educated that references helping with homework or reading from a textbook or being asked a question by a child that just doesn't sound right.

In her e-mail, Staci included a link to a web page that offers a free download of the e-book The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. I've downloaded it but have only had time to glance at the preface. There are two thing I found there that I want to point out.

The first is a reference to the War on Education.

The second is a quote by Aristotle: 'Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men as the living are from the dead.' Obvious, yet profound.

There is a war on education and our children are the casualties. Our progeny are the victims. This just can't be allowed to continue.

As I told Staci, you don't need a college education to succeed in this world. You just need to read with understanding, write with clarity, and calculate accurately and the world is yours for the taking. Our kids need to know this but they'll not learn it in school. Oh, they'll learn the 3Rs in the classroom but they won't be taught the real-world value of embracing them. The schools are far more interested in teaching kids how to get along. That's something they'll learn on the playground...quickly!

This is a war we cannot afford to lose.

Here's the link to the e-book: Please, download it. It's free but it just might be worth a fortune.


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