Delegation From Miyagi Cooks Up Japanese Cuisine at State Fair

Jul 24, 2013 -- 3:52pm

Visitors to the Delaware State Fair on Wednesday had a chance to get a taste of the Far East, courtesy of Delaware's sister state in Japan.

Representatives from the International Affairs Division in Miyagi Prefecture in northern Japan hosted cooking demonstrations inside the Department of Agriculture Education Building at the fairgrounds. Visitors to the exhibit had a chance to sample fish cake pizzas and Sendai miso cream cheese and salsa. They were also able to view brochures and videos that promoted tourism in Miyagi.

Toshiyuki Ito, the chief of Miyagi's International Affairs Division, says the fish cakes, made by the Abe Kama Fish Cake Company, are garnering interest from supermarkets in the Mid-Atlantic. However, he says food companies and consumers need to be educated more about what the food is and how to use it before they can make more progress in getting into American markets.

As part of Governor's Day at the fair on Thursday, the delegation from Miyagi will meet with Governor Markell, who will recognize them at events during the course of the day.

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