AG Biden Creates Child Victims Unit

Jul 02, 2013 -- 3:40pm

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden has announced the creation of a new unit to handle crimes against children.

The Child Victims Unit has been created as part of the AG's Office. The unit is being funded through appropriations through the General Assembly as part of the Fiscal Year 2014 budget. The unit will consist of staff from the AG's Criminal and Family Divisions, and will also have a dedicated criminal investigator and prosecutor. Biden has appointed Deputy Attorney General Josette Delle Donne Manning to lead the unit.

The Child Victims Unit will handle cases of violence against children, including child abuse and other acts of violence that result in serious injuries or death among children. Attorney General Biden says the new unit was needed because crimes against children are some of the most difficult to prosecute. He says they're tough to prosecute because often, the only witnesses to the crime are the alleged perpetrators (often friends or family), and also because the child victims are so young that either they can't speak, or even if they can, it's difficult to get them to describe what happened to them.

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