UPDATE: Gov. Markell Signs Bill to Improve Teacher Preparation

Jun 13, 2013 -- 4:39am

Fulfilling the commitment from his 2013 State of the State to better prepare Delaware’s educators for the classroom, Governor Jack Markell signed legislation Wednesday that raises the bar for entering the teaching profession. 

Joined by Education Secretary Mark Murphy, the bill’s sponsors, and advocates from the state’s business and education communities at Wilmington University, Markell outlined efforts in Senate Bill 51 to improve teacher training, require that prospective teachers complete a rigorous assessment, and track performance of all preparation programs in the state.

The legislation establishes high-quality student teaching experiences, ongoing evaluation of prospective teachers, and specific literacy and math instruction geared to the needs of elementary school teachers. In addition, Delaware's new teachers will have to pass assessments of their content knowledge and performance before licensure.

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