Sen. Marshall Calls for Jobs Bill to Provide Wide-Ranging Bldg Projects Around DE

Jun 13, 2013 -- 4:27am

A boost in the First State’s gas tax would help attack a backlog of needed construction projects around Delaware, if Senator Robert Marshall gets his way.

Senator Marshall says his proposed 10-cent per gallon hike in the state’s fuel tax would cover a 20-year, roughly $580 million bond issue that would be used to create the Delaware Works Trust Fund. The fund would pay for a five-year capital program aimed exclusively at shovel-ready infrastructure projects ranging from highways, water and sewer lines, energy efficiency programs and ports.

Senator Marshall says use of the money would be controlled by the Joint Bond Bill Committee which oversees the state’s annual capital budget. The money would be spread out over five years. His plan also would set aside 25 percent of the fund to assist local governments and non-profits on a 50-50 matching basis.

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