Fmr OC Police Chief Frank Pappas Passes Away

Jun 13, 2013 -- 4:09am

WGMD News has learned that former Ocean City Police Chief Frank Pappas has passed away.

Pappas was 90-years-old; he died peacefully we’re told surrounded by his family on June 9.

Chief Pappas was considered a law enforcement icon by many and a career public servant; he served as a monumental asset to OCPD during his time as Chief. Chief Pappas took office in 1980 with a staff of eighty officers and 10 civilians.

As a former Drug Enforcement Administration official, he stepped-up the fight against drugs and launched a crackdown on other crimes to help preserve the resort’s “family image”. Chief Pappas also established the Quick Response Team, a group of specially trained officers that are called upon to provide tactical support in incidents that require special resources.

Before his retirement in January 1986, Chief Pappas established a completely new police administrative system and rewrote the department’s General Orders, the operations and conduct policy manual.

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