Severe Storms Expected to Move Across Delmarva Today

Jun 13, 2013 -- 12:59am

Storms are beginning to move through Delmarva as we prepare for more severe storms later today.  If you haven't taken the time to prepare for the possibility of damage from the storms or power outages - now is the time to do it.  Click here for a printable storm preparation guide

Delmarva Power is monitoring the storm and is already working on reliability improvements and preparing for whatever response is needed as the storms roll across Delmarva.  Customers should review emergency plans and make preparations before the power goes out.

To report power outages –

Sussex, Kent & MD Eastern Shore – 1-800-898-8045

NCCo – 1-800-898-8042


Worcester County EMS officials are watching the storms that are headed towards Maryland.  They’re expecting minimal rain but say the storm will likely produce high winds.  If you haven’t – secure lose furniture and other items on your porches or yards.  Keep non-perishable foods handy if the power goes out, stock bottled water and batteries.  If you come across downed power lines or transformers – don’t touch them – call your local power company.

Residents on Delmarva should prepare for the storms that will be moving through the area today.  Make sure cell phones and other portable devices are charged.  Put together you disaster supply kit – include some extra cash.

The storms expected today could bring rain, strong winds, hail and isolated tornadoes as well as flooding.  While you’re better off staying at home – if you do have to drive, AAA reminds you to change your driving to fit the weather circumstances outside. 

·       Slow down – and increase your following distance. 

·       Don’t try to drive through water that looks deep. 

·       Watch out for hydroplaning – and don’t use your cruise control in wet driving weather – it can cause hydroplaning! 

·       Alert drivers behind you that you’re slowing down with your brake lights. 

·       Stay in the center lanes when you can – water pools and collects at the curbs. 

·       Turn on your headlights – and use your LOW beams. 

·       Use your defroster with your AC to keep the air in your car dry & the windows from fogging.

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