UPDATE: AG Biden Unveils Measures to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

May 03, 2013 -- 4:45am

Noting the alarming fact that more Americans die each year from overdoses of narcotic prescription drugs than from heroin and cocaine combined, and that Delaware ranked 5th in the nation in per-capita narcotic prescription drug sales in 2010, Attorney General Beau Biden on Thursday announced new legislative proposals, to combat the explosive increase in prescription drug abuse. 

The legislative package was developed by Biden’s office after consultations with the medical community and legislative leaders. It will be introduced next week by Representative Rebecca Walker and Senator Bethany Hall-Long, both of whom are nurses.

During remarks Thursday at the Wilmington Rotary Club’s Annual Law Day luncheon, Biden reviewed the dramatic increase in the use of narcotic pain medications such as Oxycontin, Percocet and Vicodin and the growing abuse of those drugs as a threat to public health and public safety.


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