VSP/Accomack County Sheriff Thank Residents for Support During Arson Investigations

Apr 30, 2013 -- 5:03am

The commander of the Virginia State Police and the Accomack County Sheriff’s Department are today thanking County residents and others for their support during the arson investigations.

Sheriff Todd Godwin, VSP Commander 1st Sergeant J.P.N. Koushel and VSP Commander of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, Captain Timothy Reibel say the residents’ assistance and generosity are greatly appreciated and left a wonderful impression on the many state troopers, special agents and officers who came from throughout the commonwealth to help in the investigation; they say Accomack County police and fire departments also greatly benefited from residents’ support and donations.

Tonya Bundick and Charles Smith were arrested earlier this month and have both admitted to setting a majority of the 77 fires in Accomack County since last November.

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