DE Supreme Court Ruling Expected Within 90 Days in Property Owners Lawsuit Against DBE, Town of Dewey Beach

Apr 11, 2013 -- 5:14am

The Delaware Supreme Court is expected to issue a ruling within the next 90 days on whether a lawsuit filed against the Ruddertowne project in Dewey Beach should be heard in Chancery Court.

 The five Justices heard oral arguments Wednesday in the lawsuit filed by a group of concerned Dewey Beach residents opposed to the deal between the Town of Dewey Beach and Developer Dewey Beach Enterprises.

In August 2011, Tony Murray led the four property owners in filing a lawsuit against DBE and the town seeking to overturn the Mutual Agreement and Release that settled DBE's six lawsuits against the town for their redevelopment project on their Ruddertowne property, and allowed DBE to build the property up to 45 feet, eight inches. The Chancery Court dismissed the lawsuit last year, ruling that it had been filed after the 60-day statute of limitations had expired. The plaintiffs contend that a final decision on the project was made within the statute of limitations.




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