DE Army Guard Troops Depart for Afghanistan

Apr 04, 2013 -- 9:34am

On Saturday, the Delaware National Guard will host a departure ceremony for approximately 325 members of the 198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion deploying to Afghanistan. 

The 198th, comprised of Headquarters Company and Company C, headquartered in Wilmington and Company A, headquartered in Georgetown, is scheduled for a 12 month active-duty tour. 

After the departure ceremony Saturday, they will report to Fort Bliss, in Texas, to train on objectives specific to the Afghan theater.  While at Fort Bliss, the unit will meet a fourth company, of about 145 Soldiers, that falls under their battalion, Company B, from the South Carolina National Guard. The battalion will be there for four to six weeks, before heading to Afghanistan.

Saturday’s deployment ceremony will start at 11 a.m. at Delaware State University in Dover.

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