Rehoboth Beach Adds Ambulance to Fleet

Apr 03, 2013 -- 12:07am

As the summer season nears, Rehoboth Beach doesn’t want to get caught short handed in case of a major accident or incident in the resort.  Rehoboth Volunteer Fire Company spokesman Warren Jones tells WGMD they bought an ambulance from Lewes Fire Company.  Rehoboth does have a new ambulance ordered but it’s not expected to arrive until after the start of the summer.  Then they’ll decide which 3 of the 4 they’ll hold on to and either sell the oldest of theirs or the Lewes ambulance.  They are working to fully man 2 of the ambulances - and then will likely man the third with volunteers who are qualified.  

Jones tells WGMD that the fire company is also looking for another - smaller EMS unit that can handle a stretcher - but can get into smaller areas.  Right now during major events in town - like the July 4th fireworks or Sea Witch, the county EMS Units are also on hand - and they do have a smaller unit that can get through the crowds.  Jones says last summer there was a bike accident on the Junction and Breakwater Trail - and it took some time to get to the injured people because the trail isn't big enough for a full-sized ambulance to maneuver.  A smaller unit would be useful in a situation like that.

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