County Council Updated on Legislation before the General Assembly

Apr 02, 2013 -- 1:21am

During the legislative session, Sussex County Deputy Administrator Hal Godwin keeps an eye on the bills that would work for or against the county.  One bill they’re watching is new and doesn’t yet have a number – but would remove the office of the Clerk of the Peace from being an elected position.  Several members of the County Council also had questions as to the reasons for this proposed legislation.  Because it’s a constitutional amendment, an identical bill would have to pass 2 consecutive sessions of the General Assembly.

A tax interceptor bill that’s sponsored by House Minority Leader Dan Short would allow tax refunds to be intercepted to pay school and property taxes.  Deputy County Administrator Hal Godwin tells the County Council this is a bill that cleared the state House last session but didn't get a vote in the Senate.  Similar tax intercept programs have been successful in collecting child support and other obligations owed the state.  The bill was released from the House Revenue and Finance Committee just before the Easter break.

House Bill 44 is sponsored by 41st Representative John Atkins will allow Delawareans to proudly fly their American flags on their properties – regardless of what community restrictions may be in place.  However the flag poles cannot exceed 25 feet in height and it must conform to all setback requirements.  The pole can also be attached to the structure.

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