Maryland Blue Crab Season Begins Monday

Mar 31, 2013 -- 5:30am

Commercial and recreational crabbers in Maryland have been busy getting ready for Monday.

April 1 is the start of the blue crab season in Maryland. That's when crabbers can begin catching both hard and softshell crabs. For hardshell crabs, unlicensed crabbers will be able to catch two dozen crabbers per person per day from shore, and four dozen per day per unlicensed boat, regardless of how many people are on the boat. Licensed commercial crabbers will be able to catch up to a bushel of crabs per day, with a maximum of two bushels from a boat with a crew that has two or more licenses. No female hardshell crabs can be kept. For softshell crabs, individuals can keep up to a bushel per day, or two bushels on a boat with at least two licensed people on board.

The season will run through December 15 for hardshell crabs, and December 31 for softshell crabs. Click here to see all of the Maryland DNR's crabbing regulations and hours for this year.

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