CPRDelaware Trying for World Record St Patrick's Day Hat at OC Parade

Mar 08, 2013 -- 7:09pm

Next week – if you’re in Ocean City for the annual St Patrick’s Day parade – watch out for something you just won’t be able to miss – either from its size – or sparkle! 

CPRDelaware’s float is a St Patrick’s Day hat – and they’re going for world record status!  What they’re hoping is the World’s Largest St Patrick’s Day Hat – can hold 1724 pints of stout, is made up of more than 19 square feet of paper mache and 10 pounds of glitter.  It weighs in at about 200 pounds and took 3 weeks to build.  The hat also carries a message – along with several baby and adult manikins celebrating the day under a rainbow and a pot of gold that claims “Erin Learned CPR because you can’t always depend on luck.”  Ocean City’s St Patrick’s Day Parade kicks off at noon on Saturday the 16th from 58th Street south to 45th Street.



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