Sen. Coons Makes Progress in Effort to Save Child Advocacy Centers, Protect Youngest Victims of Physical & Sexual Abuse

Mar 08, 2013 -- 4:41am

Delaware Senator Chris Coons is fighting to protect children who are the victims of physical and sexual abuse by preserving funding for Child Advocacy Centers.

Sen. Coons has been a strong advocate for the centers, which provide a safe and effective place for trained professionals to conduct forensic interviews of children who have been abused. These interviews are designed to be admissible in court, preventing children from being re-traumatized by having to tell their story multiple times.

Alarmed that funding for this vital program had been eliminated in the Administration’s last budget, Senator Coons called Attorney General Holder directly, raised the issue in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday and followed up with a letter on Thursday.

Click here to watch a video of Senator Coons and Attorney General Holder’s exchange at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday:

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