We Spring Forward Sunday - Remember to Change the Battery in your Smoke Detector

Mar 08, 2013 -- 1:29am

We spring forward this weekend – and lose an hour of sleep on Sunday – but this weekend you should also remember to change the battery in your smoke and carbon monoxide detector.  A working smoke detector in your home may only give you a few added seconds – but it’s enough time to get you out of your home safely in the event of a fire.  The same is true for a carbon monoxide detector because the gas iS clear and odorless.  But too often – a home may have a smoke detector – but the 9-volt battery is missing – used in another appliance or a toy.  Both detectors should be placed in each level of your home and they should be tested monthly – and the batteries replaced twice a year and the easiest time to do that is when we spring forward and fall back.

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