Do we need a National Park in Delaware? I think not.

Feb 22, 2013 -- 6:49am

On my show yesterday Morty Morton was my in-studio guest. We discussed the Delaware Baysore Initiative and the National Park Service. U.S. Senator Tom Carper wants a National Park in Delaware, the only state without one, and has introduced legislation to that effect. It will include various properties/parcels in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex counties.

Morty is the president of the Delaware Mobile Surf-fishermen, Inc. A press release from that organization follows:

Delaware Mobile Surf-fishermen Inc. (DMS)

Press release


Delaware Mobile Surf-fishermen Inc (DMS) is STRONGLY opposed to Senator Tom Carper's recently introduced legislation for the “First State Historical Park Act of 2013”. DMS understands the importance of tourism into the state of Delaware, but the potential of long term effects to tourism, could be catastrophic to small businesses up and down the Delaware Coast, if this bill is passed.

As taxpaying citizens of the United States of America, “we the people” do not want to bear the fiscal burden of more draconian federal spending. Every day “we the people” see drastic budget cuts in programs like our military, education and many more, while taxes increase. DMS feels that our tax dollars can be better spent and refute the idea of a National Park in Delaware.

Officers and Directors

Delaware Mobile Surf-fishermen Inc. (DMS)



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