More Ducks & Snow Geese Wintering in Delaware this Year

Feb 22, 2013 -- 12:36am

A DNREC survey of waterfowl wintering on Delmarva finds more ducks than usual but goose numbers vary.  The mild winter we’ve been having could be the reason that more ducks haven’t migrated south – and why some geese are staying in colder climates!  During a recent survey over 17 species of ducks were spotted – including Mallard and black ducks which usually migrate late in the fall and in winter.  About 125,000 snow geese were tallied during the 2-day survey but Canada goose numbers are lower.  There is a snow goose conservation order in effect now which allows special hunting options with fewer restrictions in Delaware through April 13 to allow hunters to harvest as many snow geese as possible.

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