Rehoboth Beach Ocean Outfall Pipe

Feb 17, 2013 -- 8:42am

On Friday's and Saturday's shows we talked about the proposed Rehoboth Beach ocean outfall pipe. (Captain) Bill Baker defended the pipe as a means of disposing treated waste. He pointed out that the current method of disposal is indequate and has led to (sanitation) problems. He's been involved in the discussions and planning of a more safe, sanitary, and effective method of ridding Rehoboth of its waste water while not impacting the nation's best beaches negatively. After Friday's show he spoke with State Senator Gerald Hocker who, along with Bill, favors the outfall pipe. On Saturday Bill talked about his conversation with the Senator. Joining the show (by telephone) was Morty Morton of the Delaware Mobile Surf-Fishermen who also supports the proposal.

Not everyone agrees with Bill, Senator Hocker, or Morty. You can read more about the opposition by clicking here.

Here is where you'll find the Environmental Impact Study submitted to DNREC.

We also talked about the Delaware Bayshore Initiative, a plan for a National Park here in Delaware. Here is the state's "pitch" for it. You can see the proposed Park by clicking on the map image.


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