Hotel Blue Owner Scott de Kuyper Gets New Court Date in NYC

Feb 02, 2013 -- 5:08am

The Cape Gazette this week is reporting that Manhattan Judge Lisa Sokoloff has scheduled a new hearing date of Wednesday, March 13 for a Lewes man charged last year with taking his .45-caliber revolver and bullets into a New York City court building.

Scott de Kuyper was at the Courthouse on February 22, 2012 to answer charges stemming from an incident in October 2011 during which he’s accused of trying to yank a badge off the shirt of a NYPD officer during an Occupy Wall Street Times Square rally.

Although De Kuyper purchased his gun legally he did NOT have a permit to carry it in New York; New York does not have reciprocity for gun permits.

De Kuyper claims he simply forgot the gun and ammo were in his backpack.

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