Dept of Education Release Administrator Evaluation in DPAS

Jan 16, 2014 -- 1:34pm

Delaware’s Department of Education has released results from the administrator evaluation addendum to its “Continuous Improvement” report. The report covered the results from “Year One” of the state’s revised evaluation system, the Delaware Performance Assessment System (DPAS-II).   The report shows progress in the overall implementation of administrator evaluation with an increased focus on student achievement. In 2012-2013, student improvement was weighted more heavily in administrators’ overall ratings than in previous years. This revision highlighted the meaningful variation between various components of the system and reinforced that better implementation by school leaders is needed in the years ahead.

The report revealed that only 8 percent of school and district administrators received “unsatisfactory” student improvement ratings, while overall, about 95 percent of administrators earned “effective” or “highly effective” ratings on their overall evaluations in the first year of the state’s revised appraisal system.   “In the 2012-13 review, the ratings of administrators of the districts contained in the report were consistently good throughout the state,” said Scott Reihm, Delaware Association of School Administrators’ executive director. “While this is the first review containing the student performance component, administrators are committed to continuous improvement in the evaluation system.  The process for improving the system is quite a challenge and often frustrating.”

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