AAA Mid-Atlantic President/CEO Calls For Drivers To Become Informed About Information Collected From Vehicle On-Board Computers

Nov 04, 2013 -- 10:54am

Our cars, trucks and SUVs today are operated by dozens of microcomputers and processors. Those computers control everything from fuel efficiency and emissions to anti-lock brakes and rear-view cameras that make our vehicles safer and cleaner to drive. However, with the increased use of GPS and cellular technology, our vehicles can now remotely collect much more information, including personal data.

In his editorial in this month’s issue of AAA World Magazine, AAA Mid-Atlantic President and CEO Berni Koch called for the club’s 4 million members to become informed about what’s turning into a growing privacy and consumer rights issue for drivers. In the editorial, Koch asks “where does this data go and who has access to it?” He also asked about how the data is used, how long it’s stored for, and what rights drivers have to control how and to whom data is disseminated from their vehicles’ on-board computers.

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