Maryland 1st District Rep Andy Harris on the Government Shutdown and Obamacare

Oct 19, 2013 -- 1:09am

The government slimdown came to an end on Wednesday when the US House supported a Senate measure.  Maryland 1st District Representative voted against the measure and tells WGMD "this bill just kicks the can down the road" and extends the budget for another 3 months and 4 months for the debt ceiling.  Then we'll be refighting the same battle.  Harris voted against the Senate fiscal package because it does nothing to reduce the $650-billion dollar deficit this year or deficits in future years.

As for Obamacare, he says this will be the ongoing conversation from voters as they try to purchase health care in the various health insurance markets.  It's just starting for Delaware not that the first confirmed enrollee has come forward, but Harris says that since the health insurance marketplace opened in Maryland it's been a disaster.  He plans to daily read from the floor of the House from the letters and emails he receives from the people who lose the insurance they have or their premiums have gone way up or they can't see the doctors they have seen in the past.

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