Maryland State Police Remind Drivers About "Move Over" Law

Oct 18, 2013 -- 2:08pm

Maryland State Police remind drivers that the “Move Over” law is in effect in the Free State.  That means if you come across police, fire personnel or EMS workers along the side of the road – you are to move over into another lane – of if there is no other lane – or you can’t get into another lane - slow down.  In the past week a State Trooper was struck in Anne Arundel County as she helped another trooper.  She is in critical condition because the driver failed to move over as he passed 2 marked police cars with their emergency lights activated.   Another trooper’s car was destroyed when it was struck along the side of the road – the trooper was outside the car.  On Monday Maryland State Police will hold coordinated traffic initiatives to remind drivers of the importance of the ‘move over’ law.

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