DNREC Stocks 3 Tidal Rivers With Largemouth Bass

Oct 15, 2013 -- 11:53am

DNREC has stocked three tidal rivers with thousands of largemouth bass.

The Fisheries Section has finished stocking the Nanticoke River, Broad Creek and the Broadkill River with 15,518 largemouth bass measuring between three and five inches long. More than 8,800 of the fish were stocked in the Nanticoke and Broad Creek, and 2,000 more were put into the Broadkill between late July and late August. The fish came from the spawn of fish in the rivers last spring, and were raised at Eastern Shore Fisheries in Maryland until they reached at least three inches long, when they’re more likely to survive in the wild.

4,700 more bass were stocked in Records Pond near Laurel to restore its largemouth population. Much of that population was washed downstream last fall when DNREC lowered the pond’s water level to prepare for Hurricane Sandy.

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