Newark Police Arrest 5 More in Connection With Rowdy Crowd

Oct 02, 2013 -- 8:04am

Five more people have been arrested in connection with the large crowd that blocked traffic on Main Street in Newark last month.

18-year-old Scott Crosby, 20-year-old Kyle Menchaca, and 19-year-olds Sean Pie and Mohammed Alam, all from Wilmington and all University of Delaware students, turned themselves in to Newark police on September 26. They’ve all been charged with disorderly conduct and walking along a roadway where sidewalks were provided. They’ll have to appear in Newark Alderman’s Court.

Five days earlier, a fifth student, 21-year-old Jeffrey Taviano, was arrested and also charged with disorderly conduct, walking along a roadway where sidewalks are provided, and excessive noise between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.

On September 9, the crowd spilled out into the streets and got rowdy during the filming of a documentary of college life.

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