DNREC Fish & Wildlife Agents Respond To Over 90 Complaints, Write 50 Citations Over Past Week

Sep 07, 2013 -- 8:17am

DNREC Natural Resources Police and Fish and Wildlife agents met with more than 1,500 outdoorsmen, responded to 92 complaints and issued 50 citations for the week between August 27 and September 3.

On September 1, 42-year-old Brandon Mays of Lewes, the owner of a seafood shop, was charged with one count of commercial possession of undersized blue crabs. 62-year-old John Hession of Claymont was cited for tampering with crab pots or checking crab pots belonging to another person on the Indian River Bay. 37-year-old Eduardo Rosas of Bishopville, Maryland was charged with one count each of fishing without license, tending too many recreational crab pots, possession of undersized blue crabs on the Little Assawoman Bay.

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