DNREC Blotter For August 13-20

Aug 24, 2013 -- 8:04am

DNREC Fish and Wildlife agents responded to 58 complaints and wrote 44 citations for the week of August 13 through the 20th. During that time, agents met with over 800 people, and boarded 128 boats for boating safety and fishing regulation compliance checks.

There were three significant incidents on August 17 in Sussex County. 48-year-old Michael Mooney of Wilmington was arrested and charged with operating under the influence at the Indian River Marina. He was released, and will have to make a court appearance at a later date. 56-year-old Norris Hurley of Morgantown, Pennsylvania was charged with having too many recreational crab pots, improperly marked pots, and tampering with another person’s pots on the Indian River. 24-year-old Eufran Roberlo-Diaz and 23-year-old Abraham Juarez of Georgetown were charged with two counts each of possessing undersized blue crabs at Mulberry Knoll in the Assawoman Wildlife Area.

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