DEC Solar Energy Farm now Producing Power

Aug 22, 2013 -- 12:20am

The Delaware Electric Cooperative dedicated its new Bruce A. Henry Solar Energy Farm west of Georgetown Wednesday morning.  There are 16,000 solar panels covering a 20 acre site which Co-op President and CEO Bill Andrew tells WGMD is up and generating power for about 500 homes. This is the third largest solar facility in Delaware, but it’s the only one owned by a power company.  The entire project is Delaware-made – the solar panels were manufactured by Motech in Newark.

In just its first year in operation, this solar energy farm will keep 12-million pounds of carbon dioxide from the being released into the air – the equivalent of taking over 1200 cars off the road.  Currently about 10% of the Co-op’s energy comes from green sources, but by 2025 all Delaware utilities will be required to purchase or produce 25% of their energy from renewable sources.

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