ALA Smart Phone App Monitors Pollution

Jul 21, 2013 -- 4:56am

As communities in the Mid-Atlantic states continue to cope with extreme temperatures, the American Lung Association of the Mid-Atlantic is urging Delaware residents to be aware of the increased risk of ground-level ozone and take health precautions when levels are high.

One valuable resource is the free State of the Air smartphone application, which monitors current levels of ozone and particle pollution and pushes out notifications when either pollutant reaches unhealthy levels in your area. The State of the Air app enables users to enter their zip code or use the geo-locator function to get current air quality conditions and the next-day air quality forecast. The app tracks levels of both ozone and particle pollution, and pushes out alerts if local air quality is code orange—unhealthy for sensitive groups—or worse. Depending on the severity of the day’s air pollution, the app will provide vital health recommendations—advising that outdoor activities should be rescheduled or that people who work outdoors should limit extended or heavy exertion.




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