Sussex County Council Adopts Property Maintenance Ordinance

Jul 17, 2013 -- 1:30am

Sussex County Council has adopted an ordinance on lot maintenance that fixes a section of county code that was inadvertently made ineffective.  An ordinance on property maintenance has been put back together by the Sussex County Council after it was re-arranged some time ago – moving the penalties to another section of code – rendering the property maintenance section an ordinance with no teeth.  When the ordinance was updated several years ago – it was left without penalties for violators.  The updated ordinance is geared towards both residential and commercial properties in unincorporated parts of the county, but not properties that are in agricultural use.  The penalties include a minimum fine of $250 for violators who refuse to comply – repeat violators could see fines up to $2500.  The ordinance also allows for the County to cut the unkempt properties and bill the owner.  Enforcement is based on a complaint-driven process.

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