AAA Testifies on Capitol Hill on Gas Prices

Jul 17, 2013 -- 1:28am

AAA officials testified in Washington on gas prices. As gas prices spike, Chris Plaushin, the AAA Director of Federal Relations testified before a US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources’ Gas Price Hearing Tuesday.  The price at the pump is up an average of 15 cents or more in the Mid-Atlantic and AAA says that these higher prices are our ‘new normal.’  A national price at the pump under $3.00 is likely now a thing of the past. The last time the price at the pump was below the 3-dollar mark was in 2010.  Right now there’s no solution to the high prices or the market’s volatility and Plaushin says the federal government should adopt a national energy policy that combines increased production, the efficient use of traditional & alternative fuels and the elimination of lengthy roadblocks to development on new sources of energy.

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