Snakehead Found In Creek In Salisbury

Jul 13, 2013 -- 9:29am

A fisherman recently made an unexpected catch in a creek in Salisbury.

While fishing in the Tony Tank Creek, an angler caught a snakehead, which is an invasive, ravenous species of fish. When it gets introduced into a waterway, it devours all the native species and destroy the ecosystems in those bodies of waterway. Captain Bill Baker of Bill's Sport Shop tells WGMD that snakeheads are nearly impossible to get rid of once they get into a body of water. He says in the past, the Department of Natural Resources in Maryland and DNREC's Division of Fish and Wildlife in Delaware have told anglers that if they caught snakeheads, they couldn't keep them, but they couldn't throw them back into the water. Now, they've changed their tune, and are telling anglers to catch and kill as many snakeheads as they can. Anglers can either chop off the heads of the fish, or keep them, as they're reportedly a very tasty fish.

Captain Bill says the fact that a snakehead was caught in Salisbury means that the fish is making its way towards Delaware. He says he's very concerned about the possibility of snakeheads getting in Delaware's ocean waters and Inland Bays.

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